Thursday, October 16, 2014

Welcome Kinga!

Welcome to our new volunteer Kinga who joined us two weeks ago. She came in the middle of a very busy period of finishing the school year and starting new activities, and has therefore already participated in a lot of things. Read Kinga’s first impressions here:

"It's my second week in Nueva Mercedes and everything has been going so fast so far. The place
is busy like a beehive. I have met so many people that I can hardly retain their exotic names. The
children we are working with are funny, full of energy and open to new learning experience as
much as I am. I 've already gone through Eva's farewell meetings, cooking workshop, computer
classes for men and young ones, loads of extracallicular activities para niños and now have that
funny impression of being here for a very long time. The volunteers' house I moved to is cute and
placed in a very alluring settings among papaya, bannana trees and other flora I am unable to
name yet. The weather is bearable still might be quite surprising sometimes with its heavy rains
that block access to the outside world. There's so much to acquire but feels good, looking forward
to new projects to come."

 - Kinga

Furthermore, the school year in Guatemala is coming to an end and though Li Ch’utam volunteers will keep having classes with the children every day, we have decided to change the schedule a little since it is now vacation time. Every one or two weeks we will introduce a new theme to the students and the activities of each day – whether it is reading, arts, sports, games or others, will be connected to this theme. This week and the following we are learning about different animals.
Here are a couple of pictures of our activities so far:

Learning about animals
Making our own zoo

Preparation of animal crowns

Team Lion against Team Rhinoceros!

Spider walking

Preparation of animal crowns

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