Monday, May 16, 2016

Winds of change

This week we welcomed Hugo to the team and in a couple of weeks there will be a third member with us, our projects gain a new rhythm and the kids learn so much through their questions to the newly arrived!
Welcome Hugo!

On the other hand, we started our info sessions cycle, which did not go exactly as expected…in spite of info dissemination trough, several community meetings and spaces the truth is that the attendance was much lower than expected. On the bright side, the attendants shared many of their stories and we were surprised to notice that some women in the community are aware that girls have the same rights to study as boys, that studying is fundamental to have better opportunities and improve life standards and quality. We are negotiating with the speaker the possibility of a second info session where we would make sure, through our scholarship projects, that at least those parents would attend, this would amount to 22 parents (youngsters invited too).
What about reptiles?
The kitchen gardens projects suffered a bit of a low moment: there was a problem with the community’s water source and part of the structures had to be cleaned, so for several days they had no water for themselves, excused to say that to water their kitchen garden neither. This causes frustration and the draught killed some plants. 

Instructions to prepare organic insecticide
Preparing organic insecticide

Now water is back and motivation too, last Friday we had a meeting were women learned how to do organic insecticide and to discuss the future of the project. To be sustainable the only key part missing is the seed bought. We have been doing it until now and though from the second round of planting the families give a small contribution (responsibility and engagement levels as well as ownership are strengthen trough that contribution – but could they find a way to do it by themselves? The reactions were mixed, but most were afraid of that opportunity for independence. As this is brainstorming on the future we calm them down as all we want is to hear from them and, together, find the best solution. After all, sustainable development requires the projects to be as self-sufficient as possible, empowering the people as the agents of change in their own lives.
Our partnerships are moving forward and stronger and we will welcome a new member to the team in some weeks. Keep checking our blog and facebook out for the latest!
 Best from Mercedes

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