Friday, January 31, 2014

Time to start 2014!

Li Ch’utam is in Nueva Mercedes with full volunteers team for the next months: Albert, Anna, Dodo and Ewa.

“I arrived in Nueva Mercedes on the 13th of January. Reality here is so different from what most people are customized. However, despite the cultural differences, being here alters your perspective of the world. It opens your mind and makes you realize the broader framework that this world functions under. It is a life-changing experience, which cultivates your humanity and develops your sense of fulfillment.”

“After three weeks in Nueva Mercedes I can say that we have a lot of work here. During this period of time we had been planning all the projects that we want to do in the area. The situation here is really hard and the only mission that we have here is to bring some opportunities or facilities to people. I hope that we can leave a good impression to the local people about Li Ch’utam after our period here.”

Last weeks we’ve spent on getting to know the village, people, meeting with different groups and planning our activities. Some projects already started, other are still in planning phase. Stay tuned for more information soon!