Monday, September 8, 2014

Nicoline and Michel – welcome new volunteers

A week ago we arrived to Nueva Mercedes.

During the first week we already supported Marta with first grade students from primary school and did computer curse with first grade secondary students.

Check first impressions of Nicoline and Michel.

“We arrived at the volunteer house in Nueva Mercedes after dark on the 2nd of September. Tired after the long trip and met by so many new sounds and smells without really being able to see where I was it was really nice to come to a place that looked and felt like a real home. And so it still does.
Being here only a week there are definitely still a lot of things I have to learn and experience, but I have already come to like the little village in its beautiful surroundings and the residents who are always greeting us with friendly smiles or visiting us in the house - and especially the children who in spite of being impatient and easily distracted as children are, genuinely seem to want to work with us and learn from us.
I am looking forward to really getting started with the work and hopefully, slowly getting to know the community and its pace, traditions and way of thinking, as well as its men, women and children.”


Guatemala is really a wonderful country with hot climate and wonderful nature but most important the impressing people. They are always smiling and seem to be happy all the time, eitherway you know that they are poor, but that is not the case. They show that you can just feel content with nothing more than your smile on the lips. That is the first deep impression I got here and I am sure it is not the last. 
Now it is just my first week here in Nueva Mercedes and living here feels already like in a small family. That is what I appreciate the most. And work doesn’t feel like work, because you know that what you are doing, you are doing it for the kids, for the people here, so maybe we can help them living their life just a bit easier.”