Saturday, March 12, 2016

What pulls you up....and what brings you down?

Though, over here, every week is special, this week was even more.  Concerning the kids activities, and considering our current problems to follow up on the IT literacy classes, there was an important focus on recycling, we recycled glass bottles and also cans, they looked surprised by the idea of giving a second life 'garbage'. For the cans I asked them to make super heroes with super powers, you remember I had that idea before, right? This time they were more receptive! There was Super Ronaldo (referring to the football player), Super Abuelo (super grandpa) and even Super Felipa (mhhhh, that names sounds familiar doesn't it...), amongst others.

Super Abuelo
Super Abuelo
House decoration out of used glass bottles! Flowers?

A team came over to capture in lens the life in Nueva Mercedes, they stayed over at the volunteers house , so, for a couple of days, the schedule was very intense. Here you can see the fuzz created on the school playground when they turned their filming drone on.

Drone in the house!
We also held a meeting with families participating and or applying to the kitchen garden projects. Women were motivated and we could brainstorm on why did they joined the project, using those motivations as supportive thoughts. We discussed on what brings them down and what keeps them going when they have to work in their kitchen gardens.

¿Porqué-? why? ; push and pull factors = :( and :) 

One of the fundamental positives aspects they referred was the support: the support they received with our weekly visits, with the technical assistance of Edwin and with knowing that if they need a hand, we are there. We also mentioned another kind of support: as women, participating in the same project, members of the same community, they can also support each other. In this blog we read previous stories were the power of mouth to mouth in NM is clear, so that mouth to mouth could also be hand to hand or shoulder to shoulder, a gossip is all that takes to destroy a family garden, let’s have some hands out ready to grab their peers too : )

Edwin delivering information on technical issues

'Family kitchen garden' - the dangers of not fencing, the need to leave space between seeds and sprouts and so much more! Thank you Edwin

           How about you? When you start a new project what pulls you up and pushes you down? Comments are welcomed! See you next week.