Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Thank you Dodo and Albert

I came back to Mercedes at the end of July. Nature welcomed me in full. The bridge was under water so no transportation was passing between Telemán and Mercedes. I had to cross about 1km of water by foot with a part of the road on boat! There was no water and electricity at home. During the next days I was fighting with ants nest in the fridge and scorpions nest above my bad. But the hardest thing to handle was silence in the house. Dodo left at the beginning of June and Albert at the beginning of July. So there is no noise in the morning, no one is leaving belongings all over the house, no one to thank for delicious food, no one to watch a strange movie with. Apart from the fact that I have to do all the projects by myself, I cannot even discuss how it was, what should/could be done. It was good to have you guys here.

Below few photos of you work that say all that should be said:

BIG THANK YOU for the time spent together and your involvement in the project!