Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas from the Li Ch'utam volunteers!

The final Li Ch’utam project of this year, which has been occupying us during this month, has been the process of finding recipients for the Li Ch’utam scholarships in 2015.
We began in early December with a meeting where all the parents of kids who are studying or about to begin studying were invited. At the meeting we talked about who could apply, how to apply, discussed different questions the parents had and finally handed out the application questionnaires. The following week we received no less than seventeen applications – a very positive development, showing that the number of kids studying beyond primary school is increasing.
Afterwards we visited the families of each applicant to have a talk about their financial situation and to confirm that all had the support of their parents in continuing their studies, and were received very well by all the families.

Visiting the house of one of the scholarship recipients.

Finally, yesterday morning (24th) we once again visited all the families – accompanied by Henning who is visiting for Christmas, to give the good news, that 15 of the applicants will receive the Li Ch’utam scholarship in 2015.

Delivering the good news to another family

We (Kinga, Miguel and Nicoline) afterwards spend a great Christmas Eve in the house of one of the scholarship recipients, with him and his family, and will now take off for a short Christmas vacation to return with renewed energy in January for the new school year.

Christmas dinner

Relaxation after eating too many tameles

We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New-year!